Technical Analysis Training

Basic Technical Analysis

Module Outline

10 hours (5-6 sessions)

  • Understanding the broad picture of Markets
  • Logic behind Technical Analysis
  • Dow Theory
  • Trend line Basics
  • Trend trading strategies
  • Support and resistance
  • Chart patterns and their applicability
  • Explaining the micro level chart patterns ‘Candlesticks’.
  • Candlestick Patterns: Reversal and Blending patterns
  • Indicators and Overlays
  • Elliot Wave Theory

Advanced Technical Analysis

Module Outline

(4 sessions – 12 hours)

  • Trading Strategies with advanced chart patterns
  • Trading strategies using Gaps
  • Trading with Momentum indicators: ADX, CCI, CMF, Force Index
  • Independent trading tools:Fibonacci Fans, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku Clouds, Parabolic SAR
  • Advanced Candlesticks Pattern
  • Devising trading strategies with Advanced Indicators
  • MA strategies and setup
  • Designing & testing a trading setup
  • Risk & Money Management

Futures & Options

8 hours (4 sessions)

  • Futures and Options as trading instruments
  • Understanding Options
    o Options pricing using Black-Scholes model
    o Trading Strategies using Volatility indicators
  • Different options strategies for Hedging
  • Strategies covered are :Covered Call,  Married Put, Strangle and Straddle, Protective Collar, Butterfly spread strategy, Iron condor etc.
  • Arbitrage strategies using F&O
  • Consistent income strategies from options
  • Options strategies  for long term Investor and short term trader
  • Analyzing Futures and Option data
  • FII data Analysis
  • Devising trading strategies using Greeks.

Please note the all concepts are explained with real examples,  and using charting software.

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